Dinosaur Days #32


“Are you two here to catch Moltres? What’s your code? Can I join your raid??”

Over lunch, my Malay colleague and I had a stroll over the surrounding office area for a twin Moltres raid. Along came a Malay aunty who not only participated in the raid, caught a Moltres on her second throw and stayed on to give me pointers on how to get mine.

Suffice to say, I failed. And I had no clue what was the code she mentioned. Yet, for a game that has been around since my childhood, in as much as the players remain divided over the individual prowess of the respective Teams (Team Mystic above all), there is some commonality in terms of fun, irrespective of race, age and creed. I may not know the aunty, but I’m glad that a mobile phone game brought people together today, altogether indifferent to all things that separate the same.

#dinosaurdaysinoffice #ink #blackandwhite#notreally #pokémongo #pokemon #pokemonraid #moltres


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