Numbers #13


“I’m thinking of two phone cases, one with a Ravenclaw centric design, while the other… let me think about it.”
“A minimalist Ravenclaw crest?”
“With some color to its backdrop? Rather than just white?”
“So what’s your favourite color?”
“Blue mah. Imagine if I said pink? 😂😂😂”
“A galaxy backdrop has various shades of blue and random splotches of pink too you know.”

We never reached a landing on that second phone case. This is #13, for one who has known me best for the longest part of my life, and the fellow Ravenclaw whose counsel I trust more than my own.

#numbers #13 #printcious #komorebistore #phonecases #harrypotter #harrypotter20 #ravenclaw #rowenaravenclaw #witbeyondmeasure


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