Numbers #9


“Can you depict God’s covenant with Noah? If you can, I’d like the scene from Genesis 6-9.”
“Genesis 6-9 with animals boarding the Ark?”
“Well, the Ark with the animals inside and the flood outside.”
“All the animals? 😂😂😂”
“Nah, too many. Just follow the usual Sunday school pictures.”

Noah’s Ark story is one which requires a large degree of suspension of disbelief. Frequently depicted as a vessel with clear, distinct animals, it begs the question as to how entire genuses of animals fit in there, in pairs. This is a continuation of #8, and reworked scale of the Ark from it’s original 300x50x30 cubits. If you squint, you can see tiny giraffes and elephants, beneath tiny airborne birds. This is #9.

#numbers #9 #tombow #noah #genesis


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